Ducky Diaries: About Ducky

About Ducky

                                                                   Hi I'm Ducky!

If you wish to be a formal square you may call me by my birth moniker, Candace.
However if you want to be friends just yell "HEYYYY GIRL" and throw a bottle of wine at my face.
It's your world, so basically whatever makes you comfortable we'll go with it.   👏

Welcome to my blog (Insert Olaf voice) I'm glad you're here!

 I started this venture over 5 years ago way back in 2011 shortly after the birth of my first child "Bear".  With a love of writing and looking for a place to pour out my ramblings I began blogging about being a stay at home mom which has since veered into numerous other territories including but not limited to; Bear's Cerebral Palsy and many medical issues, my own personal battle with Anxiety, and the general day to day shenanigans we get into as a family.

I am married to my best friend, Tom (affectionately referred to as D.I.C. -Daddy in charge) and we have another child named "Zo", Bear's little sister who was born in 2013.  We also have a pupper named Barret who is always into something that we adopted in September of 2016.

Our life isn't always pretty or neat but I like to think the chaos makes its own magic.  ❤

If you would like to get a hold of me, have any questions or inquiries, or would like me to review a product(s)  please E-mail me at .

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