Ducky Diaries: May 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Merry Happy Last Day of School Eve!


Yup..... It's been awhile. Nope not going to explain. I do this a lot. You know that by now and you also know that I am crazy and go from depressed to anxious and so I sometimes dip out for a hot minute. I tell my husband the same thing when he asks why I'm sleeping on the porch. Just go with it. Don't question it. DON'T MAKE THIS A THING. IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Anyway, it is the EVE OF THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOOOOL!!!!!!

*bangs head to Alice Cooper while my kids scream in embarrassment*

My eye has been twitching for three days. I almost sold my soul to afford the groceries today that mathematically equate to a months worth of food but will inevitably be swallowed whole in a week. A book-bag full of cleaned out locker has been sent home (Huh. So that's where that went to). Alllllll the sun screen and the aloe has been bought. The bite relief pen and Benadryl has been stocked. The skeeter repellent is on hand.  The winter clothes have gone away, the summer clothes have come out.The summer sports and dance classes have been scheduled. And last but not least the summer activity box (better known as the "OH YOU'RE BORED? LET'S DO SOME SCHOOLWORK) has been filled to the brim.....

BASICALLY WE (I) am done!


Also speaking of "June" anybody else watching the Handmaid's on HULU? That show is cray. Is it bad that I am already addicted to it?

Totally off topic but hey, that's what I do.

Enjoy some pictures. 

 *My kids destroying my beauty....erm... flowering bush of some sort. Totally a metaphor for the same damn thing!!!! THEY DESTROY IT ALL! *

                                                         *Sensory Pod tree swing fun*
                                                              *This handsome guy.*

   * Proof of all the groceries slash junk food bought to keep everyone alive...... And this was only about half way through the store. *

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