Ducky Diaries: "Where's my sheep herder" part 3

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Where's my sheep herder" part 3

Hey guys......
Remember my sheep herder that was lost?
Well now he's found!!!!

If you don't remember catch up here:
Part 1 and here:Part 2

So, I'm totally not crazy which is nice to know, because there for awhile I wasn't sure.
My niece found him under the couch. I still have no answers as to how he got there. No one is talking. I have my suspicions on the dog still however it could have been the Zo.
I may never know.
I'm just happy he's found his way back to momma (that's me. I'm talking about my self. Nothing weird, don't make it weird.).

 And now the whole nativity scene looks like this which is fine because #Wheresmysheepherder2016 turned into #Wheresmysheepherder2017 just in time to be packed up until next December.

                             See ya byeeeee.
 photo cooltext1292211702_zpsc9a335dc.png
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