Ducky Diaries: "Where's my sheepherder?"

Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Where's my sheepherder?"

Friday I lugged out my Nativity scene and set it up like the good Baby Jesus fearing person I am. Full of good intentions and "Merry Christmas birthday B.J." spirit. Only to walk past it an hour later and realize someone was missing.

My sheepherder was gone.

"Okay where is my sheep herder?" I thought to myself.  I looked around the desk. I looked on the floor.
I turned to the kids at the dining room table.
"Hey guys has anyone seen my sheep herder? The little man with the sheep on his shoulders? He's very important. Does anyone know where he is."

Bear adamantly shakes his head "no" while Zo goes into her spiel. "No mommy I don't know I didn't do it...... I'm just tired."

*aha!* That's her lie sentence!
"Zo, where is my sheep herder? It's really important you give it back to me. I want my sheep herder."

She does not break however despite her solid resolve She is quickly becoming TOP suspect!

*laughing from living room* It's Tom. 
"What are you laughing at?" 
"What? Why?"
"You're funny. You keep yelling "I want my sheep herder"."
"Yea. So?"
"Why not call it a shepherd like a normal person? Why do you put that thing out every year? A piece goes missing every time. You think you would have learned by now."

I love my sheep herder so screw him. Secondly he has a point but our kids know better by now...... Well actually all but one....

(hey guys remember him? He was so smol now he is so big!)
So now I turn my attention to this big beastly 5 month old mutt pup.

"Barret! Where is mommy's sheep herder?"
I got a decent head tilt but nothing else.

All is lost woe is me. This is surely blasphemy of some sort. Like that time last year when Baby Jesus (B.J.) and Mary went missing except I later found them in the back of a dirty push car full of crumbs.

I will continue my search.

******Update Sunday morning******

I have staggered across a lone sheep which has seemingly been batted into the shoe closet under the gap.

Barret is now prime suspect.

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