Ducky Diaries: "Where's my sheepherder" part 2

Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Where's my sheepherder" part 2

#Wheresmysheepherder2016 is still in full effect.  I'm starting to feel a little crazy. Like did I ever have a sheep herder? The only remnants are his sheeple..... So he had to be real right?!

Must stay strong. Get it together girl! Breathe woman!

Tom is still laughing at me because "WHY NOT CALL IT A SHEPHERD?!".

Barret is still prime suspect after I cleaned the kids rooms. I had real high hopes that Zo would become numero uno when I walked into her hoard room.

I mean, look at this

But unfortunately after many head shake's, WTF's, and an hour of my time #Wheresmysheepherder2016 is still going strong.

I did find some random and weird stuff though which has led me to honestly be worried about this girl.
                                                                * Car with no tires*
                                                                *Car tires in a tea pot*

                                                           *Thimble* A Thimble? WTF?*
                                                                *Tom's broken watch*
*Other random stuff that isn't hers. Like Bear's turkey thing he made at school that I sat on the table and then couldn't find. *
*and the lone puzzle piece we couldn't find which resulted in us throwing away a perfectly nice puzzle rather than donating it!*

Dear A&E if you ever decided to revamp and or continue Hoarders I've got ideas.  We'll call it "BABY HOARDERS" A show about hoarders who are 2-5 years old. Not to be confused with a show about people who hoard babies, which honestly would also be an awesome show. Let's make both. Call my people. 
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