Ducky Diaries: Some changes are amiss

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Some changes are amiss

Hey! Hey! Hey!

If you’ve been peeking around the past few days you may have noticed that some changes are occurring, or you may be like “Whut chages, I don’t like changes?”. Either way I am doing some thangs here in Ducky Land.

Namely if you look at the header you’ll see some old comforts (mom&pop blogs and Exceptionally special) are gone and replaced with things like “Privacy policy” and “Disclosure agreement”.  These things affect you, my readers.  They are good things. I promise. You should read those, like now, or tomorrow, but now-ish. 
and here: Privacy policy
If you have been with me for the long haul we’re talking 6 years just about. That’s a long time. Thank you! I love you! If you are new to my blog then you still want these things because my blog as everyone knows it is about to change.

Originally this blog was a place for my new mom rants, and that was it. Now my wheels are turning and I’m realizing that I would like to see where this goes (can I become a real writer, Oh can I Mister Geppetto?). Also, I really would love to do reviews of products we parents (and special needs parents) use or are thinking about using. Also not to get gross but guys, buying diapers for a five year old ain’t cheap (true story).  And hey- How about a giveaway! Free photo-book for you Suzie Q! Look ma, I’m Oprah! (Kidding, I’m not) (but wouldn't it be awesome if I was?!) 
What if I can write a sponsored post or two and you my reader get the freebies and or deals associated with that?

Well, this is where my Disclosure and privacy policy come into play because you my reader have the right to be protected if you give me personal information ( like an address, name, phone number, e-mail address). You want that protection. You should also know when I have been given something for free so that you can make a clear decision on whether that $20 leak proof sippy is really a good idea ($20 dollar bottles of wine on the other hand are always a good idea.). 

So let’s get down to the brass.

The Federal Trade Commission requires all of this.  And now that I want to change the path of my blog from ‘just for fun’ to’ can I possibly earn some ice-cream money’, I need to do this both for legal and honest purposes.
So again this all means that you my readers may start to see ads on the side column and below posts, sponsored posts (which I will ALWAYS specify as sponsored) possibly a new easier to read mobile layout (We're ALL tired of ZOOMING in to the desktop layout on our phones even me! Get with the times girl!).
 Perhaps a more streamlined blog. Maybe I'll do away with the gawdy humping rubber ducks. I haven’t made up my mind on all these things but essentially we may be about to start the party up in here!

However, just so we’re clear. I will not change nor will my posts. I’m still going to be whatever it is that you think I am. And I sincerely hope you’ll stay. I would love your opinions on all of this, so shoot me a comment at the bottom of this post.

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