Ducky Diaries: Emergency Shmergency

Friday, December 9, 2016

Emergency Shmergency

  Sunday we went to my aunt and uncle's tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree and spend the day with family. We picked out a gorgeous tree. Ate snacks after making our tree selection. browsed the store. Then we went to my aunt & uncles house where I drank a few glasses of wine and loudly yell-talked with my cousin and then  we all had delicious homemade chili.

Well...... Everyone except Bear who was complaining of a stomach ache and refusing to eat. Which wasn't concerning because the kid hates any type of food that you actually have to put effort into preparing. So I sent him to watch cartoons while the rest of us ate not thinking too much of it.

Fast forward to midnight, Bear woke up crying and inconsolable. Now I'm thinking something is up. He's pointing to his belly button.  I figured he had to be hungry he hadn't had a full meal since breakfast but he refused anything I offered. I gave him Ibuprophen and a drink and he went back to sleep around 2:30 a.m.

8:00 a.m. we're getting up and getting ready for school and Bear is still pointing directly below his belly button and is still refusing food, so I know something really serious is up and I'm thinking his unholy little appendix has housed all the dirt and crud it can take after 5 years..........
 Off to the E.R.

** A fun little story also commercial break**
The one and only other time Bear has ever been to the E.R. was also for stomach pain and Tom took him in. Bear took two of the most expensive craps we've ever paid for and was sent home with a diagnosis of explosive diarrhea.
** See wasn't that fun?**

Which to be honest , in my mind, is exactly what I was thinking was going to happen this time, but it didn't.  He was admitted with an extremely high white blood cell count. Everyone thought (like me) that this could potentially be appendicitis.

However one CT with contrast dye later said it wasn't his appendix but that he was full of poo.  Then there was the thought of Strep because *tada* all the symptoms fit, but the rapid strep test said no. And then there was pneumonia , but the chest x-ray said no.  And then we were left with "probably virus but we don't know and he can't go home, if it was Strep that would explain everything but it's not."   (stick with me, it gets good) (List of more fun facts: I shared with the Dr. that Bear had had strep back in October followed by and URI in November, followed by continual coughing up to 2 weeks prior to hospitalization) So still NOT confident that it isn't appendicitis despite a clear CT they label him NPO (my baby was starving to death- slight over- exaggeration ) until superrrrr early Tuesday morning.

Just another Manic Monday, amirite?!?

Fast Forward to Tuesday morning around 9:30 a.m. I get to the hospital (Tom stayed overnights, I stayed 9a.m.-10p.m.) and take one look at Bear (who's still miserable) and say "hey guys he has a rash all over his body (literally red spots all over his body) and he's tugging at his ear.".  So Dr. says "viral rash! he'll be home by lunch!". And they check his ear and there's pus so he gets started on antibiotics. He eats a ton of food, I'm hopeful because he's smiling although he still looks like crap. I take a pic for Facebook, yada yada.
  Lunch comes and goes and we're not going home. His second blood draw comes back and his WBC is still high. So we're definitely not going anywhere.  At this point I get a little loud and am borderline yelling asking what is wrong with my kid and why can I not take him home if this "is just a virus".  I receive no conclusive answers because no one has any. My son looks like crap. I'm scared.

Wednesday- sally the camel has 3 humps- get it because it's hump day?!?!?!? Hahahahah.... ha. ..... ha

Bear was given a laxative and pooped early Wednesday morning (he wasn't pooping, fun fact), he was eating, drinking, looking better, not 100% but much better, he slept alllll the way through the night.  So new doc says "take him home".  Bear hearing that attempts to remove his own IV and get out of bed. He smiles all the way out of the hospital and all the way home. Everyone is happy.

We still don't know what the heck happened but whatev's.......  

4:30 p.m. New Doc calls,  "His rapid strep test was negative, correct?".  Me- "Correct".  New Doc- "The lab just called me with the results that his culture is growing strep."  Me- *laughing* "You've got to be kidding me......".
New Doc " Exactly, so continue him on his antibiotics and the one will cover both the ear infection and the strep.

Moral of the story, false negatives with eff your life up man. Also stay away from things labeled "Rapid". They're liars.
                                                                 *Very sick  Bear*
                                                               *Feeling better Bear* 

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