Ducky Diaries: Just Mommy Things- an Instagram rip off

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just Mommy Things- an Instagram rip off

 So by now if you're anywhere on the internet you've seen the "Just Girly Thing's" meme's.
They're being shared on the gram, the twitters, the bookface, everywhere.....
You've probably also seen them satirized by a number of people. The most profound is probably the military version (tear inducing).

However if you're not familiar let me break it down. They are pictures of things that make 15 year old girls squeal with hope and delight. The kind of wants or achievements that really only happen in Disney movies and also things that we never stop wanting no matter how old we are. Think flowers, kisses, chocolates, comfy but stylish outfits...

And because I'm bored and easily amused I've decided to make my own for all of us mommies.

Please enjoy:                                  

                                                           Ah yes..... Magical.

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