Ducky Diaries: And then there were 5

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And then there were 5

 About two years ago we decided our baby days were done for good. No more babies......

Well except for one. We hadn't met him yet but we planned to adopt one more addition.

With four legs and fur.

A fur baby.

Tom and I had been talking about a German Shepherd pup or even a German Shepherd mix for a long time (approximately 5 years).

Imagine my surprise when 12 hours after being home from vacation I decided to place a call to our local humane society on hopes and dreams, not expecting anything and they in fact had a 4 month old shepherd recently returned after a week long adoption......

And that he was on his way to the local petsmart for their adoptathon....

We literally jumped into the car and took off. I hadn't even unpacked from our trip.

Our family was there waiting to meet our potential fur baby for about 40 minutes before he arrived.  When he finally did arrive and I saw him, I was done.  He was actually a 2.5 month old German Shepherd/ Boxer mix and way too dang adorable.

 He was so adorable and so full of kisses for us. At that moment we knew he was ours.

As for being returned after a week of adoption I look at it as this other family was basically just holding onto him for us while we were on vacation.

The reason he was returned was that he was 'too energetic with their kids'.  And yes, very much so, I agree, he is a lot. Not just because he is a puppy but because that is the very nature of his two breeds colliding and creating this spit fire of a canine. -Which is why (I'm going to segue nicely here) you should familiarize yourself with the breed of dog if you ever choose to home a pupper.

So now we're stuck with this needy, loyal, loving, energetic mutt and I love it (being stuck and the dog).

My sweet Barret (yes the guy from Final Fantasy);
                                                              *Happy Adoption Day*
                                           Look at THAT flop-a-licious ear! LOOK AT IT!

                                                             He has a real 'ruff' life here.
                                                               Lookie at dis babay!!!!

                                             Baby Barret's first bath. Awwwwwww!

                                       This next installation is known as 'Barret in trouble'.
                                                                 "Whut I do mom?"
                                                       "If I don't look I'm not in trouble."
              "I don't know what you mean by 'you know I'm listening because my ear is perked up."
                                                           "It was just a love nibble......."

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