Ducky Diaries: 1 down and roughly 36 more to go.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

1 down and roughly 36 more to go.

 We've made it through the first week of school. *The crowd goes wild* *cheering ensues*

Bear seems to be loving his new school. Being in a much larger class, with lots of loud little people, not so much. His teachers and therapists are all working together to help him acclimate. Which for him acclimation looks like, pushing him to stay in his regular ed KG class just a few moments longer each day until he has a meltdown. Yesterday he got up to 45 minutes all in total and started around 10 the first day before cracking.  So. Progress.  an increase of 35 minutes for a child that responds to loud noises as though he has glass shards in his ear is a very BIG accomplishment.

I am thankful that we happen to have a public school at our disposal that is willing to go at Bear's pace and let him lead the way, while still pushing him to go farther and work harder.

*Breaks loose in my own head temporarily for a dance party*
*Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder,better, faster, stronger. NA-na-na- that that don't kill me. Can only make me stronger........*

Alrighty.... Thank you Kanye for that musical interlude.

Anyways now that I'm back where was I? Ah yes. Bear's awesome school. I definitely feel that even after only a week, that this new school is the right fit. They are already figuring Bear and his needs out and finding ways for him to adapt and be an active part of his classroom. The gaps left by his previous school have been glaringly obvious now that his new school is shining the light on them.
So yes. Good. Joy. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. We like new school.

Pictures or it didn't happen.

                                                      1st day of Kindergarten 2016/2017
                                                          Friday, after school, week 1!

                                           Now, let's recap and cry together, shall we?

 Pre-K 2014 year 1, 3 y.o fuzzy baby                                        Pre-K 2015 year 2, big boy baby cheeks

KG 2016/2017- "Mahalo Mom, check ya laterz!" 
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