Ducky Diaries: The manliest tea party that ever tea partied

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The manliest tea party that ever tea partied

The other night Zo really wanted to have a tea party/ picnic and I would have happily obliged had I not already obliged six times. So, I told her to ask her father.

Haha Hahahaahhahaha SUCKA!

I decided to take a candid picture but I did not capture a sweet moment of father daughter tea time, I captured this:

           "Rule number 1: No dating. Ever."
 "Rule number 2: Don't do drugs. Don't even drink coffee. It's a gateway drug. Just ask your mother."
 "Seriously, your mom started with coffee, now it's the wine of the month club! Just don't do it!"

"Rule number 3: Now this is really important, before you shoot a gun, make sure the safety is off."

Bahahaha! Just kidding. Tom's just making toy food disappear.....
He does make this tea party/picnic seem like super serious business though.

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