Ducky Diaries: April 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Mom Life"

Hmmmm, it seems I have not posted a single thing since January.
In my defense though, I wholeheartedly blame the insta of gram. That website is just way too easy!

And I also blame other big things that will be blogged about soon.

Nope, I'm not pregnant. Not even a little bit and the only babies I'm currently obsessed with have four legs, pot bellies, and dogggy milk breath. *Insert weird Gollum voice* "Soon my precious, soon!"

But hey, how about some fun parenting issues in text form with my fellow "mom life" bestie in the meantime?

I did in fact google that shiz..... No help whatsoever. Lots of help on how and where to buy different brands of string cheese though.  Is that a thing? Do people really need help  figuring out how to buy string cheese?

I also had to buy new sheets. Lesson learned, string cheese turns into plastic and you should always give your kids a pat-down before bed.
 photo cooltext1292211702_zpsc9a335dc.png

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