Ducky Diaries: The 10 ways kids are totally genius

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The 10 ways kids are totally genius

I like to think that by now my crazed screams are like a sweet lullaby to my neighbors ears. A sweet cadence flowing through the walls to the tune of "You're not listening to me!", "Why aren't you listening?", " No, no, No, NOOOOO!!!!!!", and the ever popular , "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?".

Such a peaceful serenade. The sounds of my people.

But recently my kids have shown me the error of my ways. They're not disobeying, defying, or rebelling. No way Jose'. They're are showcasing their genius. My kids are way more intelligent than myself.

In fact, since learning how right they actually are and how wrong I truly am, I've decided I need to share this new revelation with ALL parents. Everywhere! Around the globe! You all need to bow down before your baby geniuses!

The old saying is so true you guys, kids are way smarter than their parents, and we were in fact born yesterday.

1.) You're so right, urinating in our heating vent has totally changed the smell of our house, for the better. 

2.) I totally see it now! Placing ALL the glasses into the dishwasher right side up is an absolute time saver! Now when we empty it we'll wash the floor and get a shower, AT THE SAME TIME! Genius!

3.) How right you are, AGAIN, my coffee cup really does make an excellent home for that spider. 

4.) Mmmhmm, that wall is way prettier with an oil pastel mural. How did I ever doubt you?

5.) Incredible, I totally get it now. A quicker way to brush your Barbie's hair is to stick her head in front of the vacuum. 

6.) WOW! Would you look at our coffee table. Those Mickey Mouse stickers definitely give it character. 

7.) Oh my, I just love the new texture of our living room carpet! What's that you say? It's strawberry milk and gold fish crumbs. Terrific! 

8.) Thank God you put my cell phone into the toilet. It's never worked better!!!! 

9.) I totally understand why you rubbed your spaghetti into your hair. The scalp has amazing taste receptors. 

10.) Yes, how right you are, as always, an entire bottle of mommy's expensive shampoo DOES  makes an excellent bubble bath..........

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Crystal said...

Lol love it,sounds a lot like my kids