Ducky Diaries: I meant to write this 15 days ago.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I meant to write this 15 days ago.

 I don't know where my brain has been but I totally meant to write this post a while ago. 

The kiddos had birthdays and it's always a big cluster duck because their birthdays are only 2 weeks apart so rather than doing individual parties we throw one. At least until they are old enough to protest enough that I care.
 But we also do something special with just us family members on their actual date of birth. So ya know, a big ole' cluster duck!

Bear turned 4 on June 10th. Which is absolutely crazy to me because I remember so wondering what it felt like to have a child who wasn't a baby when I was in the thick of caring for an infant and my friends had preschoolers.
It's always difficult on the birthdays, a reminder of previous birthdays when we still didn't know what Zachary's disability would eventually be labeled as.

There were even a few years where we were going through genetic testing and the titles of those labels were too depressing to handle. But we're here, all of us. Bear makes progress every year. Slow and steady. And Cerebral Palsy is the name of our game.

Some birthdays are just 100 % awesome. Some are difficult as he gets older and we really see the things he is not capable of, but then he does something he's never done before and we are reminded that he is the Captain of his own ship. He may be hit with storms but he works hard to right his vessel.   <3 


Zo-zo turned 2 on May 28th, which seems insane.  She's the last baby. Which comes with it's own ups and downs. And I always say it but I swear I just had her. How is she 2 already?

She can count to 20, sing her ABC's, is potty trained, cops an attitude better than me, has mastered the eye roll, and is a force to be reckoned with.  She is wild. I'm glad she was a surprise because I don't think I could have even imagined the amount of personality she possesses.

It's crazy how fast she has advanced almost out of necessity. 

The two of them together spells trouble as most days I feel like they are actually going to accomplish killing each other.

Dear friends with 2 or more children close in age, YOU ARE ASSHOLES!, thanks for telling me they fight like they hate each other.


To end this post before I can get any more elegant.......


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