Ducky Diaries: Captains log

Monday, June 1, 2015

Captains log

Parenting day 1,460+1 ( because I'm pretty sure there was a leap year somewhere):

Kids fed, bathed, dressed, happy, healthy.

I realize I forgot to brush my teeth 20 minutes into a trip. Not the first time not the last.

Fast forward to 2:00 p.m. and ending up in the emergency room for a suspected blood clot.

I realize as my legs are being felt up that I haven't shaved in at least a week. 

And I'm pretty sure I haven't showered in at least 3 days.

I contemplate my life choices as I wait for the ultrasound tech to arrive, and watch Harry Potter movies with my sister in law. 

Then eat some chinese food. 

The ultrasound tech arrives to feel me up from groin to toes while telling us he's paid off all his kids debt. 

I wonder if adoption still applies to us 30 year olds. Not for my kids, but for myself. I am technically an orphan..... 

7:00 p.m. breathe a HUGE sigh of relief that there are no clots, just an angry vein.
Lesson learned? 

I showered and shaved last night. And have managed to brush my teeth today, twice.

Also if you spend 5 hours away from your kids your blood pressure will significantly drop. In a good way. 

                                                               Room with a view.