Ducky Diaries: The teachings of a child

Monday, April 27, 2015

The teachings of a child

 There are moments when my palm meets my fore-head in parenting that happen more often than I'd like to admit.  A moment that literally bites me in the @ss.  Where I go "Ungh!" .

"Ungh" such a funny word to make up. It's both a feeling and an actual guttural sound that escapes my mouth in such a moment, let's say a moment of complete clarity at a sentence or action that I see in my child.

"Girl, you're losing me here! Get to YO POINT , Candace!" 

Okay. Okay. I am going.

A few days ago, sitting with two whiny kids who were completely vegged out in front of our t.v. and still bored, I decided to turn the tube off. I was tired of us all just sitting there. It was a crappy cold rainy day so there wasn't much else to do. . . . . ..

So I just shut it off and said "No more t.v. for now, guys." .

And a beautiful thing happened. They went to separate corners of the living room and started dragging things out. Toys, games, coloring books. Dolls. I turned on some music. And before I knew it I was done with my cleaning and I joined them. An hour went by, then two hours.

There was really no huge drastic notice of the t.v. sounds that are usually wafting through the air at our house, being gone. So I decided to keep it off the rest of the night.

Then roughly around 6:30 p.m. Zo came walking up to me and ever so politely said "Momma I want t.v. please." .  

*Insert mouth agape, foot hitting ass, face here*

She's not even 2! What in the actual heck am I letting happen here!? I looked over at Bear and he was pointing at the t.v. as well. Both of them staring at me with those big blue puppy eyes of theirs.

Why are my almost 2 and almost 4 year old begging for the t.v.? When did I start leaving it on all day? When did I stop noticing it was being left on all day?  What am I doing? 

That was the moment. The *AHA* moment where my brain, heart, and gut, all wrenched. "Ungh!". What am I doing?

That's the question. The answer? Being too busy to notice or care most days. (Go ahead, give me dagger eyes. I deserve them.)

I knew I needed to end this habit.  Like now.

So I calmly said "No more t.v. tonight, sweets. Let's find something else to play.". After a little fit from each of them they went back to playing. And now I've put rules in place regarding the boob tube. Most of our day is spent playing and learning. And while we do still watch t.v. and select cartoons there are time limits and no t.v. at all after 5 p.m.

Even though it sucks to have our children unknowingly point out our mistakes I'm so glad I am able to learn from them.  Our little sponges are just that, sponges. Everything they see and hear gets absorbed. We are how they learn the world.

I don't always like what they're learning from me but I'm thankful every day is a fresh start to give my sponges something good to absorb.

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