Ducky Diaries: Just DIY #4 Homemade laundy detergent

Monday, April 20, 2015

Just DIY #4 Homemade laundy detergent

 Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a good DIY project. Like remember that time I ventured into the Fauxby Moby territory? Check it out here cus it's awesome blossom!  Just DIY #3

And anyone that really knows me knows that saying I'm cheap is an understatement..... I am so cheap it hurts. Because sometimes, let's be honest, cheap doesn't always equal quality.  Which in my 30th year of life I am finally learning...

But sometimes, cheap is awesome, and cheap works just as well as expensive, if not better.

So with all that said, for years now I have heard the buzz about home made laundry detergent. I never felt like I would have the time for it. I would vow to do it and then forget about it.

Well, finally I did it.

And it's AWESOME! No looking back sistah! And..... It really, really, cleans my laundry.  I swear by it and am never going back! My husband who is the biggest label snob never even noticed a difference.

Want to know how for just $13.46 I have enough detergent to clean 200 loads of clothes?!

I mean, we are literally talking about cleaning your laundry for just pennies per load. Helllllerrrrr frugal mommas!!!

Okay, now that I've got my excitement out of the way I'm sending you to the store.  Or maybe to your kitchen cupboard or your panty......

Here's your list.  ;) 


Here's how you use them:

4 cups Borax
4 cups Washing Soda
2 cups Baking Soda
4 cups grated bar soap (2-4 bars (I used 3, which is super handy because the Kirk's Castile soap comes in a 3 pack option) grated). 

Now some people say to cut your bar soap into a few chunks. I did not. I am clumsy and found holding the entire bar of soap to be safer than starting off with small chunks.

Grab your cheese grater. 

Get grating! You are literally going to grate your soap. After you grate it, some people say to shove it into a food processor and make it into a fine powder. I did not do this because I don't have a food processor.

I grabbed a butcher knife and started cutting through my grated cheese as though it were lettuce or onions, essentially I got it to the point where it looked like parmesan cheese and it works great.

Next your going to want to grab your dish washing gloves, a bandana or something to cover your nose and mouth while leaving yourself hands free. And a large container with a lid. I used a 5 quart pitcher that lives in my tupperware cupboard.

If it has a lid this is great because you can reduce your stirring time exponentially.

Now we begin the mad scientist work!

Mix your Borax, Washing Soda, and Baking soda together. You can either stir or shake if your container has a lid.

Stir in your grated bar soap.

Use 1- 2 Tablespoons per load

And Voila you've made your own laundry detergent!!!! 

* After scouring the webs the recipe I really liked came from Awesome website! Just awesome! I love all they stand for and there are tons of homemade household recipes on there!

Also* keep an eye out for my next Just DIY : homemade dish washing machine detergent.

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