Ducky Diaries: We are not dead.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We are not dead.....

I repeat, we are not dead.....

We are in fact all recovering, finally from a bout of flu that we passed around for 3 weeks and lasted our entire winter break. Starting the week before Christmas. Fa la la la la eff it ALL!!!

The saddest part of this, however is that I did NOT lose one fracking pound.  Not a single one. I did gain three though.   They keep me warm and fuzzy.  Heh!

So suffice it to say that we're all looking like turtles around here, slow and steady, attempting to get back into the swing of routines and early risings. 

This week has been a whirlwind of getting on the ball with Bear's next round of appointments.

Starting with Botox injections in his hamstrings Friday, another hearing screening the following Friday and some surgery soon after that. Weehaw!  We like to do it big around these parts!!!! 

We're hopeful that his Botox injections will give him more mobility in his hamstrings, ankles and help ease the tip toeing. What we're really hopeful for is that this will increase his ability to take steps! I know it won't happen overnight but studies of children with Cerebral Palsy who get Botox show a lot of improvement.  So, ya know, fingers crossed.  Do it! Cross them!!! Hard! 

The main downside of the injections though is that they do wear off in roughly 3-6 months, so I'm still a little nervous that we're going down a potentially irreversible road. :\  But at the same time it beats actually cutting him open and performing surgery to stretch his hamstrings. Which may not end with much improvement and a whole lot of pain, possibly for the rest of his life.  Heavy stuff. Really heavy stuff.

Total tangent but I think the decision making process is one of the hardest parts of being a special needs parent. "Am I doing the right thing?".  It's always there, and we hope like hell that we are.

So! How about some pictures?

And also for my fellow adults, go ahead Google goggle it........ 

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