Ducky Diaries: Eat your banana

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eat your banana

Zo: "Abana"

Me: "You want a banana Zo?"

Zo: "Yesh abana."

Me: "Okay, let momma get you a banana." *gets the banana*

Zo: "Dak you."

Me: "Your welcome Zo."

Zo: Walks away with her spoils and begins to touch everything in sight with her 'abana'.

Me: "Zo eat your banana."

Zo: "No".

Me: " Zo eat your banana."

Zo: "No."

Me: "Zo don't rub your banana on the Christmas tree."

Zo: "Cree! Cree!"

Me:" Yes, Christmas tree. Please eat your banana. Stop, we don't touch the Christmas tree with our bananas (WTF?! Why do I even need to say these things.)."

Zo: "No, no need abana."

Me: " Fine, give mommy your banana if you don't want to eat it.

Zo: "No."

Me: walks over and takes banana

Zo: Throws the biggest fit ever.

Me: Gives banana back to Zo.

Zo: Proceeds to walk over to the coffee table and rubs her banana all over the surface.



                                                                Clearly she won.

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