Ducky Diaries: Bear goes to school. Edition: Pre-K

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bear goes to school. Edition: Pre-K

Monday, my little Bear started Pre-K. Official school.

Okay so maybe not Kindergarten level official, but you know, truancy officer level official. 

So basically my heart has been walking around outside of my body for all of 4 days.  It's okay though.  We're okay. 

The first day we weren't.  No way.  It was bad. Gnashing of teeth, Defcon level 1, bad.  There were tears. 

Bear was lifted onto his shiny yellow bus in his wheel chair and was a little unsettled.  As he was being wheeled to his lock in position he realized mommy and daddy weren't coming with him. 

The next thing I know the screams start.  Then I see my 3 year olds tiny hands gripping a rail with all his might and pulling himself in his chair back to the door to see us.  All the while screaming in. 

It was horrific.  Definitely not a great thing for an uneasy mom and dad to see.  I had to repeatedly turn my head to keep him from seeing my tears.  D.I.C. was fighting the urge to yank him off the bus with a big ole' "Nope...... Maybe tomorrow.". 

It was like legal kidnapping. 

However, it was fine, we were all fine. Maybe not that first day, but all the subsequent days have been fine. Awesome even.  Bear loves his class and all his teachers.  And I'm officially up at the crack of dawn making lunches. 

We're officially a school family. 

Now, without further ado, here are the obligatory first day of school photos that you know you want to see. 

You're welcome. 

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