Ducky Diaries: June 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Three years

Boo Bear.... 

My dear, sweet boy.....

You came crashing into my life on June 10th, 2011.  You were my first baby.  The first child to hear my heart beat from the inside.  The first child to come into this world screaming and quiet in an instant upon hearing me speak your name.   You, sweet son, taught me that mother's intuition is incredibly strong.   You showed me what pure love is.  

Your light is so very, very, blinding.   You are my sunshiney joy.  Your happiness is completely contagious and everyone you have ever met has seen and spoke of this.  I wish I knew your secret.  You are magical and delightful. 

For three years I have watched you, cared for you, been infatuated with you, learned from you as well as with you. 

We, you and I, have come so far.   New mommy and baby to veteran mom and son.  Three very long and incredibly fast paced years.   I love you "SO BIG" forever and ever my most handsome, beautiful boy.  

Mommy loves you Boo Bear. 

Happy Birthday, love bug monkey.

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