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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walking Miss Daisy.....

So Zo, has officially been walking for well over a month now...  She was still using crawling as her main mode of transportation while experimenting with taking steps to and from various living room structures for the first 2 weeks.   

But now, she just rather walk.  It is all very comical, she is also teething and spending a good deal of time in her diapers, so realistically she looks like a very silly, slobbery miniature drunk to me. 

It still blows my mind though because she is the first child I've ever seen take their first steps.  It also feels strange because Bear can't walk.  She seems to little to walk to me.  My brain has a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that Zo is now an independently mobile child. 

So much so that she scares me about once a day.   I put her in one spot then turn around to tend to something and look back and she's gone or coming out from behind the couch and I have to remind myself that she is walking...  Because it feels like she is teleporting.   I've become used to having a child that is not physically quick. 

Walkers (both the dead ones and children) are extremely dangerous!!  To themselves and others!!!
Yesterday at a cookout Zo pulled a huge chopping knife down from the table!  I didn't even know she could reach the table!!!  I am pretty sure I actually shit myself when I looked down and realized she was holding a damn butcher knife.    It literally took her all of one second to reach up there while I was adding lettuce to our plate and just pluck it down, like it was NO BIG DEAL! 


Thankfully I was RIGHT there and saw her in time before she cut herself, but still, OMG! PUT HER IN BUBBLE WRAP DAMNIT! 

And then if that wasn't bad enough she completely sat on Bear's face today.  She was just walking along all wobbly, like a miniature drunk, and just plopped onto Bear, hard.  I saw his little nose bend.  Poor child.  

I'm just all kinds of out of my element here and I totally want and need to say more but my laptop battery is warning me that it's going to die any second, so I better just publish this shit already....

Before I go though, I'm tipping my hat to those of you with multiple walkers....  I mean, seriously, how do you contain them? How do you keep them safe.... . From THEMSELVES!?!?!?!?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be surfing Amazon for baby leashes the rest of the weekend. 
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