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Friday, April 18, 2014

Mom Brain

Is that applesauce or boogers on my pants?  I think it's applesauce.    Actually home made applesauce.  Because I am a badass.  Hear me roar!   Betty fuckin Crocker!  That's me. 

But it could be boogers.  

My pants are awesome.   I love these pants.  Too bad they're pajama pants.  I wonder if someone would look at me funny if I wore them outside?  Star spangled hot pants...  Cha cha cha!

Because that is how I roll.

Why does Bear have Zo's binky in his mouth?    Why does Zo have Bear's binky in her mouth?  Wtf is wrong with my children.  That is disgusting.   Whatever.  They're happy. Who am I to judge? 

Where are Zo's pants?   I swear child! 

They were both dressed this morning.   I'm not sure what happened. 

I should probably take the tote of summer clothes up to the kids room and hang it all up.    I was supposed to take it up to the children's closets yesterday.  Why did I not do that.  Oh yea, because I was running late for work.   Oh well, what's another day, or three? 

Why is there a ripped up baby wipe all over the floor?  Search for the culprit......

Bear.... You sneaky little devil.  

Oh well, he's smiling, and there's no blood.  He's happy, I'm happy. 

Mmmmmm this freakin coffee is delightful.  Thin- Mint creamer.  I could kiss the creator behind this shit. 

I should probably do the dishes some time today.   Maybe replace the burnt out bathroom light.... 

Decisions, decisions.... 

What's that smell? 

Is something burning?

What's burning?


What's in the oven?!?! 

Aww fuck, there goes dinner.  

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