Ducky Diaries: Hell House

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hell House

This past week can go UCK-FAY itself!  
No....  Seriously. 
When it rains, it pours, shit, on your forehead.  This is a fact.   
What started out as a four day weekend from work for me, ended with me calling and begging my boss to let me come in. I offered to just come and work off the clock. I was that desperate to get away from my house and littles. 
Well, one Little to be precise. 
One crazy ass Little. 
We started out the week with her top two teeth pushing through (they are still NOT through).
Then we got a fever.
A three day fever that stayed well over the 103-104 degree range. 
By the third day I was fairly confident I knew what it was. 
I was exhausted by this point.  3 straight days with the clingiest, screamiest, clingiest, screamiest, cligiest.........
I was a mess, she was a mess. No one was sleeping! 
So anyway, by the 4th day I decided to take her to the doctor just to make sure she wasn't harboring an ear infection like it was a criminal.  The whole drive I kept repeating, "where the frick is the rash! where is it!!!???  this is madness!!! Maybe it is an ear infection minus all PLAUSIBLE symptoms just to BAFFLE my already crazed mind....?" ....
But as soon as I pulled her out of the car seat at the doctor office I noticed a tell tale pink rash spreading rapidly across her forehead and behind her ears.
Where the hell were you an hour ago. 
I decided since we were already there we might as well just get a confirmation and make sure there was no ear infection or other surprises.
I was right. 
And I did manage to give the nurse a good laugh.
I was a little puzzled when she came into our room with the giggles and stated that 'mom must be tired'.    Apparently, I filled out my own personal information on Zo's paperwork.
Mental illness- Anxiety (check)
Past UTI- (check)
Last menstrual cycle- 4-10-14 (check)
I guess 11 month olds aren't supposed to have menstrual cycles???  
But here's the best part of all of this, the fever and rash are finally gone.  YAY!? Right? right??!??  RIGHT!?!?!?!?
Nope. No yay.  Zo has gotten so accustomed to having mommy at her every beck and call for a solid week.  So now, I'm dealing with a straight up diva.   I'm talking temper tantrums to the extreme at the drop of a hat.   Kicking feet, arms crossing, screaming "Na. Na! NA!!?!??? (An 11 month olds version of No?)", head swinging in the distinct "No" pattern when she refuses everything but being held.  
I am exhausted to put it mildly. 
I was going to attempt potty training the boy this week but, now I have to undo all the crap from last week and get Zo back into napping in her crib and you know quitting this hellish spoiled screaming. 

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