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Monday, March 3, 2014

Life. It gets busy.


And all that shit...... 

I haven't been here.  I have been other places.  I have missed you all.

I also sincerely hope this snow and cold lets up sooner rather than later because I am ready for kids to be playing outside expending their energy productively. You know, instead of destroying my house. 


Zo-zo turned 9 months the other day.  I can't quite believe it.  It's crazy.  She's crazy!  I swear, I just had her.  What the hell happened? I'm not sure but she is everywhere all the time.  Crawling, climbing, standing on all the things.    It's nuts.    She's a handful.   She has two teefers.  She's adorable.

She is also a stage five clinger.  We are in the throes of separation anxiety. HARDCORE.  I literally cannot pee without her screaming as though she's being stabbed.  She crawls as fast as she can to keep up with me and then just gives up and cries so pitifully, like I've broken her heart. 

I can tell we're going to be forever friends, until she hits 15 and hates me.  

But that's okay. I'll just traumatize her and tell her stories about how she always had my boobs in her mouth.    Nananana pay back.    Just kidding.  Sort of. 

Boo bear, oh sweet, innocent, angry Boo bear.   He is mostly eating on his own now.  But for some reason meal times are tantrum times?  I don't understand it.   I try.  But. I don't.   And there is nothing more terrifying than watching your toddler scream/cry/ and choke while eating and simultaneously crying his eyes out.     He's also tentatively potty training.   Don't ask me how that's going.   lots of laundry.  LOTS. Tentatively potty training can kiss my ass.  

So, yes, don't ask me how it's going.  

Diapers until college, ya'll!!!  Weeeehoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!    If I could hit the jack pot, I would truthfully keep them both in diapers until college.   

He's loving school (toddler class) and really does have a girl friend.  If I could steal her I would, she's adorable! 

And recently we had a meeting to register Bear for actual preschool.  It's a mess.  We're stuck between the school we want him to attend and the school of our district.   The district school is 2 days a week, 2 hours a day.  He'll be splitting time with one therapist with all the other kids that need therapy.   Sounds great right?   He'll be losing hours, of therapy. :(  That he desperately needs.

School two is 4 days a week, all day, and therapy all 4 days...   So yes, is a no brainer for school two, right? Right?!   Is a no brainer! 

So we fight.   We fight for Bears right to party.   At school number two. 

And we're going to the Developmental pediatrician this week to jump start our testing routine.   We've been postponing it since Bear was a year and a half and now it's time.  We agreed closer to three and before school.  Sigh.   I'm not looking forward to this, any of it.    But, we need to know, he needs to have a diagnosis.  It's time, ya know?  It really is.  Even though it's really scary, it's time.  For real this time. 

And me and the D.i.c,  well, we're around.  Tired. Over worked. Underpaid. But happy.   And that's the wrap up on us folks. 

Here's some cute pictures of the kiddos. 

 photo cooltext1292211702_zpsc9a335dc.png
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