Ducky Diaries: 'Snow Day' crazy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Snow Day' crazy

 The Littles, D.i.c., and myself have been locked in our duplex for far too many days to count.  Outside of work, it's just us playing a game of tag team with who watches the littles.  To say we have officially lost our damn minds is a complete understatement. We have gone beyond that stage....    Our sweet children seem hell bent to destroy our brains.  I can only assume being locked indoors has caused their behavior to go stir crazy, which has to be the reason they can't decide whether they want to play with each other or beat the shit out of one another.   
So anyways- in a last ditch effort to find any semblance of peace at my homestead I dug out our inflatable pool and bag of plastic balls. Which seemed the only logical decision my sleep deprived brain was capable of making at this point. 
At first the kids were all "UM, OKAY? What u want us to do with this crap?"
Quickly followed by:
"Oh shit, is that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Awww yeah!!!!"...
And then strange things started happening.....  
Like this
And this........
And this shit.... What is this shit?. 
What does she think she's doing?!???!?!?!
The ball pit is a hit?
For the last 3 days...

P.s. Paper is for chumps. 

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