Ducky Diaries: Bear goes to school

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bear goes to school

Today Boo Bear started school. Well, toddler class actually, which isn't a whole lot different than preschool....
So we'll just say school. Boo bear went to school.
And he was the only non walker.
It was weird.  Like what do I do with myself for two whole hours, weird. I wasn't sure what to do so I sat in the family room at the school for a bit and then decided to go to Taco Bell. Time well spent I think. 
Even though it was time well spent, it took me 45 minutes to leave the school. Hell, it took me 7 minutes just to leave the class after it started.....  I just kept thinking "what if he needs me, what if he misses me, what if he thinks I left him forever???    What if he gets trampled!!!??? Omg! I can't leave my baby!"
And then I was all " You got this woman! Pull yourself up off the damn floor before 6 toddlers jungle gym your ass!
And you know what? It was okay. Nothing went wrong and Boo Bear has a crush on one of his classmates, and I'm pretty sure the feeling was/is mutual.

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Gomer Pile said...

You know, I've been having to leave Truth with someone since he was 4 weeks old, to work full time, but there is nothing like the first day of school.
I believe that is the same for every mom. And not just the first ever day of school. Oh, no Mommy, be warned. Every single First day of school! Preschool, After I finally left the classroom, then the building, I sat in my car in the parking lot and sobbed for about an hour, then cleaned up and went back in to peak in on him and had silent tears running down my cheeks as I left the building again. Kinder, not as bad as going back in the building a second time but still bad. 1st was the same as Kinder, because my baby wasn't a Kinder anymore, 2nd wasn't so bad a few tears as I walked away, 3rd was a little rough because 1) he rode the bus to school (I cried the whole walk back from the bus stop) 2) I knew that was his last year before I had to start thinking MY BABY IS GOING TO BE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN 2 YEARS, 4th was rough because I finally had to say MY BABY IS GOING TO BE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN 2 YEARS..then there's 5th grade (um ya that's where we are now). The night before his first day of 5th grade, I was a wreck! My mind screamed this is the last year he will be my baby!!!! Then First day of school dawned. For a couple years now he doesn't need me to walk him to the bus stop, but its nice when he wants me to. That morning he was ready to head out the door without me, ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I let him of course, because as a mom that's what you do, you let your babies think you are letting them grow up. In reality I sat on my steps and cried my eyes out! LET HIM GROW UP? Thats funny world, in what universe would a parent let their baby grow up, I'm not giving up without a fight! I will claw the eyes out of growing up, rip out chunks of hair, draw blood and execute growing up ninja style and plead guilty with my head held high...just not in front of Truth, because he is so proud to be a 5th grader. He is excited to be going to middle school next year, secretly I'm building an island, where the is no school and the universe isn't plotting against moms everywhere.