Ducky Diaries: The 57 cent check

Friday, January 10, 2014

The 57 cent check

So about a year and a half ago we left our phone carrier after our contract was up.  We'll just say they rhyme with Fur Rising.  

So anyways, we decided to go with another carrier that was less expensive.....   

2 weeks ago Fur Rising sent us a refund check as they found we "Were overcharged for a service we didn't use"...  Huh?    Well, okay, let's open this bad boy up and see how much money mommy gets to use for shopping!!!! 

.57.......   cents......    

I thought surely I had misread something, somewhere, right?   Would they really send me a check for 57 cents???   It costs more to kill a tree and print the damn check than 57 cents! 
Nope, definitely a check. For 57. cents.  
Said check is still sitting on my kitchen counter.  I've looked at it every day for 14 days trying to figure out what to do with it?  Do I cash it?  Throw it away?  Put it into savings? Put it into our checking?   I have to d.r.i.v.e. to the bank for change.  2 quarters, a nickel, and 2 pennies......  

Finally today I have come up with some uses for my amazingly large lump sum of money. I thought I'd share them with you all.  So here goes:

- Buy a gumball
-Buy a banana
-Rent a 50 cent movie at the video store
-Use the check for tomorrows coffee filter
-Use it to wipe my butt
-Wipe the kids butts
-Blow my nose into it
-Bribe my son to clean his toys up
-Take it into the bank and get laughed at
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