Ducky Diaries: I'm too sexy for my blog

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm too sexy for my blog

And other lies.......

That is the title of my new book, in case you were wondering. 


Just kidding.  I wish I was too sexy for my blog.  The truth is way less glamorous.  I am too tired for my blog.  Le Sigh.  This truth makes me sad.   But it is still true, never the less.  Between the man, kids, work, household cleaning, laundry, and increments of 2 hours of sleep thanks to Zozo, I am pooped.   I have no time for myself, let alone time to pour my heart out here. Which I miss greatly.  This blog has kept me sane for 3 years and hopefully a lot longer. 

But in all seriousness, I have been so busy that my leg hair now passes as a socks and pants combo!
My armpit hair has been braided and beaded.  My eyebrows are my new bangs..... 

I'm only slightly joking. 

The Biggest news since I've gone back to work, is that D.I.C. is now a stay at home daddy and he is whooped as well..  The dynamic change to our lives has definitely taken some getting used to on both ends.  But we're figuring it out. Kinda, sorta, mostly....
It's not always easy, but we're making it work.  Even though D.I.C. says he feels like a servant to a tiny army that always needs something.

Welcome to my life, D.I.C. ..... 
It aint easy being meezy.  

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