Ducky Diaries: Biblioteca extincion

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Biblioteca extincion

We are alive!   *reaches hand up through the 10 feet of snow on top of her*    

We are also stuck inside....  

The big people and littles alike are going a little crazy.  The big people, namely mommy just happen to be eating their feelings, while the littles, they are destroying ALL the things.  

Their biggest addiction currently is sending every book, magazine, and or important document they can get their tiny chubby hands on into extinction.   I shit you not.  I have had to give a proper trashcan burial to 9 books this past week alone!    These books, they are not cheap!!!   Oh, you would think cardboard children books would be, cheap... But they are not.  I mean they are not "Take a second mortgage out" expensive, but essentially each book my kids send to book heaven is about ten damn dollars out of my pocket!  

And if they aren't ripping books to shreds, they are ripping that really important paper in half, that you accidentally left on the floor or the arm of the sofa, while attempting a pee break.   That really important paper that you have to now tape back together and fill information out on it and mail it back with a note that reads "I apologize for the state of this document, my kids, they are heathens.". Except you end it with , "my children accidentally ripped the document in half".  But you reallllly mean, "My kids. They ARE heathens."

 Just last week, the object of their full fledged desire just happened to be a fresh out of the mail Parents magazine that I had YET TO READ!   A magazine that I have a particular fondness for reading!  They destroyed it while I was cooking them dinner!  DINNER!  I'm FEEDING you and yet you are destroying my things....  GAH!  

But, they were quiet while destroying my happiness, and quiet is always nice. So there's that.
And they looked adorable.  Each at their own end of the living room, pretending to read their ripped out pages.

I mean almost nothing is better than a cute, quiet, little. 

Someone pray for the books in my house.   I fear they may see extinction quicker than the African Black Rhino.      

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