Ducky Diaries: And we're back!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And we're back!

Hello party people!  I surely do hope your Christmas and New Years festivities were fabulous! 

We celebrated like any other couple with children would, which means we did a lot of staying home. 
Despite that we had a good ole' time at the Jackson casa.  

And I took all of a week long break from the ole' blogger sphere?  Can you believe in that time my Boo Bear mastered crab walking, army crawling, and getting out of his own bed? And Zozo started talking, army crawling, planking, sitting, and basically full on going where-ever the hell she wants...  Guess what her first word is?  Go ahead.... Guess!!!  

It's DADA!  Hail the baby Gods and all that is holy!  It's my husband that gets called upon day and night, rain or snow!  I cannot even explain the magnitude of LOL-ing I am doing over here! 

Hey SOB, remember all those fun jokes where you would ask Boo Bear who he wanted to change his shitty diaper, feed him messy stinky pureed baby foods, and who he wanted to hold him at any given time you wanted to play your video games????!?!?!????!!!   HAHAHAHHA YOUR TURN SUCKER! 


So anyways, now that I have two babies, going wherever their little hearts desire and doing whatever they want, leaving me to step on toys that surely turn into knives when they meet my heels, it's like a full on mobile baby poo-pocalypse  up in this biatch. ... Overnight like TA-MOTHER-FRICKEN-DA!   

And also .......

Someone done stole my kids name and made a horror movie....   Me thinks it's not too late to go to the name changing place?  Can you imagine? 

"Number 324?"  
"Um, yes, hey there, Susan? Yes, I need to procure a hasty name change for my sweet innocent non possessed child, due to this crazy ass looking movie I have just found to exist....."

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