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Friday, December 6, 2013

Rest is for the childless

So, I have been absent for the better part of a week..... 
I've been sleep training effing myself in the ass, or at least attempting to.  I-am-so-tired. 

Hey guys, remember when we were young and went out to bars or parties and we would come home at the crack of dawn and barely get any sleep before work and we would weigh the option of being fired or puking at work all day?  And then ultimately go to work and swear we'd never do any of this shit EVER AGAIN! Only to do it all over again the next Friday night?!!!  Remember, huh? Do ya? Huh? 

Well sleep training is kinda going like that...  Except my boss is under 3 feet tall and I never get the pleasure of being fired from my job. I only ever get to finish half a glass of wine, and minus the puking.... But the staying up till dawn is fairly accurate. 

Zo-zo is putting a hurtin' on me.   She's pissed and I get it. I mean, now that she's 6 months old D.i.c. said she had to get out of our bed.  Which kinda makes me happy but also makes me really sad.. She is the ULTIMATE snuggle buddy.   I miss it, but D.i.c. and I  actually spooned, like for reals spooned the other night and I realized how much I miss that as well....  Sigh.....

So anyways, while we're transitioning her to her pack and play right next to our bed (training for the crib) we've began attempting to sleep train as well, because, she literally will nurse on me all night l.o.n.g.  Which means that my 6 month old still sleeps like a newborn whos got her days and nights mixed up.  I'm like a fish out of water, because I have literally zero idea what I am doing....

 I, me, holy granola co-sleeping, attachment parenting, ME, actually tried C.I.O. the other day. And by try I mean standing outside the bedroom door and going in every 45 seconds, which I'm no genius here, but I think makes the whole process mute. I think it lasted about 6 minutes before she convinced me to give her my boob.  

She's sneaky like that.  So now, we're kinda doing this thing where we have a little routine of snuggles, a nursing session, then once she's out I put her in her PNP.  Then if she wakes up I try the binkie and more snuggles.  It's not exactly fool proof but last night she slept in her own space from 12:45 a.m. to 6:10 a.m. (HELL YES!) and she took her 2 naps without a fight today.  Right now she's finally asleep after steps 1 and 2, so hopefully I'll have another night like last night.

Fingers crossed.

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