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Monday, November 25, 2013

True Stories, for the shit you really can't make up

You know those moments that your toddler does something in public that makes you freeze, like a deer in headlights?  Those moments that you are completely unprepared to deal with. 

Yea.  We had two of those yesterday, in the span of 10 minutes.  

The day started off innocently enough, though.  We had the pleasure of attending Bear's dear friends Baptism and  surprisingly my children were angels through the entire experience.  Which is shocking, but also awesome.   Anyways, back to the story.

After the service we were then invited out to lunch with the family, a very large family.  So we all headed to the really nice restaurant with the little store inside of it and the rocking chairs out on the patio, that has the little peg games that tell you that you are an ignor-ramus..... with the really yummy home made food stuffs. Yea, you know where I'm talking about..... 

As we're all waiting with our very large group waiting, waiting, waiting, for an area for us all to be seated a stranger happens walks past us.  Then stops.  Just full on dead stops.  I'm standing there trying to figure out why she's just made a dead stop right between D.i.c. and myself.  I mean, c'mon, a little awkward, am-I-rite?!  I felt myself getting irritated.  Like, literally is there NO WHERE else she can stand except for on MUH TOES!?

But then, I see it.  Oh boy do I see it... She, the stranger is visibly pissed!  And there, in my handsome husbands arms is Bear, with his hand outstretched and in a perfect little fist.  And in that fist, happens to be this womans pony tail.   Yee Haw ya'll!!!

OMYGAWD! I just died.  

D.i.c. has to hold Bears hand while I pry this womans hair out of his grasp!  What do you do in this situation?! I don't know! So I just start apologizing profusely.  Still trying to get Bear to let go, which he thinks is hysterical, which is causing me to giggle as well.  I'm an asshole.  The stranger was NOT amused at all.  But we did get her freed and she went on her way, minus a few strands of hair that were stuck around my child's tiny fingers. 

My bad. 

So we scolded him and explained why you can't pull peoples hair.... It's bad, it's not nice...  People don't like their hair pulled... Yada yada yada....

Then another woman walked by and Bear went in for the kill!   Her hair was on the shorter side, thank goodness, so it wasn't all, dog getting choked by his leash type of motion as with the other stranger.  And this one laughed.  Thank God. Because. I. was. mortified. 

The end.

"Dude, don't you know you're supposed to save the ornery-ness for non Sunday festivities?"

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