Ducky Diaries: So hey guys, remember when my kids effed shiz up?!

Monday, November 18, 2013

So hey guys, remember when my kids effed shiz up?!

So yea....

I haven't been here in oh about 4 months because I got all fancy and bought a domain and had like an actual website that I owned and shiz....

But then during a little thing I like to call adding Google Analytics, I left my laptop unattended for maybe 5 minutes while I peed and came back to the biggest blankest most non existing web site I have ever seen.  Turns out that my two year old decided to have a grand ole' time copying and pasting some codes for me. 

Which was really nice of him and all, except for the part that he basically flushed $70.00 and an entire years worth of web hosting down the drain by causing the great world wide webs to assume my site was spam and just up and delete the whole damn thing!  So I'm back.  On the ole' blogger.  Which thank the heavens I'm a hoarder and kept this site up and running!!!

OMG! Could you imagine if I hadn't.  I would have thrown in the towel, I honestly would have.  Just never would have blogged again.  But I did, keep this site, so yay!  Yay for hoarding!!!

However, this site has just been stagnant while the last 4 months have passed us by, so I'll be posting some pictures and what not to get all of you caught up with us, in case you weren't over at our new spot.  The spot that is currently non-existent. 

I don't think I've told Blogger how much I love it (it? them? her? him?) thank you for being here for me, blogger. Thank you for not being a huge open format that my two year old can destroy in an instant. Thank you, for basically being completely fool proof.   I heart you.

So yea. 
My family is hungry and grumpy and I basically promised to make them home-made pizza for dinner so I think I'm going to go do that.  And drink. Wine. Since my  website is pretty much gone forever.


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