Ducky Diaries: That mom.......

Friday, July 12, 2013

That mom.......

Dearest readers,

yes, I am THAT mom.   The mom that doesn't always make the best decisions.....  But I can explain, so just hear me out.

When you last saw me, yesterday evening, I was the woman pushing the double stroller carrying two screaming passengers, and yes, I was laughing.   You probably thought I was demented, or that I had lost my mind.

I assure you it was neither of those. 

It was one of those moments where my ill fated decision was not the best and really, all I could do was laugh at the whole situation you see? 

Because after spending an entire day at home with two overly fussy children who seemed to feed off the others fussiness, I decided that roughly 7 p.m. would be a fantastic time to go on a walk to the nearest store, that or take a shot of anything hard.  Even the mouthwash was looking good.  

So I drug my double wide out of the basement and headed on my way with my babies.  And at first it was all good in the hood.  Gravy baby.  Nice weather, a little shopping, a sleeping 6 week old, a 2 year old content with mommy's keys, but then like all good things shopping came to an end and it was time to go home.  And respectively that is also when ALL hell broke loose! 

Zachary kept dropping his toy which he thought meant it was gone FOREVER!!!! Which in turn made him scream and cry, hysterically, which in turn woke the sleeping 6 week old up, which in turn made her realize that she was hungry, which in turn made her scream.....  And I had a  double stroller, and had left my baby wrap at home which meant she had to go all of 10 minutes without the boob....

And you guessed it, made her scream even louder, which in turn...... Made Zachary scream even louder and thrash like a caged animal. 

I don't know what IT was, the sunshine, the cool breeze, the double stroller, the passerby that smiled in that all knowing all pitying way, the hilarity of these two fitful tiny humans sent me over the edge and I began to double over in laughter. 

I laughed hard and loud as my children screamed.  

I promise you, dear reader, I do love my children with all my heart and I do think they are the very best of me, but, in that moment the whole scene just tickled my funny bone.  

I mean hey what are you going to do?   You either cry or you laugh, hard. With kids sometimes that is your only option, unless you're capable of watching your children piss drunk, which I am not. 

So as a note to other moms, don't be THAT mom.  Be the smart mom.   When one may get hungry and the other is an hour from bed time, maybe, just maybe that isn't the time to leave your house.  Or, like ever, just never leave the house.  You'll be good that way. 


Anonymous said...

Your last comment was perfect. "or just never leave the house." LOL. I feel that way and have been since Anthony's birth..and now have a baby on the way to crazy things up a bit. Just a bit. It would be so easy if I decided to just never the house.

Candace said...

Lol it would definitely be so much easier.... We could all live in sweats and just quarantine ourselves and children to our respective dwellings. ;)