Ducky Diaries: July 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just D.I.Y. #3 Fauxby Moby

If you're a long time reader of my blog then you've probably seen a few D.I.Y. posts from me (D.I.Y. #1 and D.I.Y.#2) , mostly because I'm cheap and like a bargain. Who doesn't?!  Especially when you're a SAHM of two small children or any children. 

So anyhoo.....

I wanted a Moby Wrap when I was pregnant with Zoey because we carried Zachary in his car seat, everywhere, as an infant and it was a pain! And  I really, really wanted to try baby wearing since all my friends rave about it, however when I saw the prices of most common baby wraps I felt a lump in my throat and a hole in my wallet.  So sadly I purchased a sling instead, which was still quite a hit to my wallet.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Balboa Baby sling, but it really isn't a hands free device.

And when you have a baby who refuses to be put down at any time, you honestly do need something a little more hands free than a sling.  

So imagine my surprise when I found out women were making their own baby wrap carriers.  I was really curious to try it myself but thought it would be wayyyyy too complicated, so imagine my surprise again when I made one and it is really really really EASY to do!!!!

In fact, it took me about 20 minutes and cost me $11.25 to make two!!  As in 11 dollars and one quarter and I have TWO wraps!

So I would like to share the Fauxby Moby with the rest of you!


You will need 5 yards of a slightly stretchy cotton material.  Think 95% cotton, 5% Lycra.  So 5 yards long, 42 inches across.  And a patch, either sew on or iron on  (thus the iron chilling in my living room)..   A pair of scissors, a marker, a tape measure and a sewing kit or machine (optional depending on your patch).


Fold your fabric in half so you are now looking at 5 yards long by 21 inches wide. 


This is where your patch comes in handy.  Your patch will be centered on your belly button for wrapping purposes when all is said and done.

 So, we've got 180 inches of fabric lengthwise (5 yards), you're going to use your tape measure to find your 90 inch mark.   Put a small dot there.  This is where you apply your patch. 
Make sure your dot is small enough to be covered by your patch.

I chose a Z for Zoey.  :)


Go ahead and grab those scissors and cut along your folded edge lengthwise.  So now you will have two 5 yard pieces of fabric by 21 inches. 


You're almost done.  This is where your sewing kit or machine (preferred) comes in handy. If you so choose you can sew the edges of your wrap to keep your ends from fraying after too much use. 


Using your FAUXBY MOBY!   :) 

> Please note this is an actual Moby wrapping video.   Your wrap will follow the same instructions, but your wrap is not an authentic Moby wrap. 

And your finished product should look like this
                                                               Happy baby wearing!!!!   :)  

Also, since you now have TWO wraps for under $20.00 feel free to give one to a friend that could use a little help, or ya know, let dad change the toddler on it.   :/  

Need more proof of how awesome these wraps are? Guess what I was doing while writing this blog and baby wearing? ? ? 

Disclaimer- the above is not intended to make anyone who doesn't breastfeed feel badly, I'm simply illustrating how AWESOME being hands free is! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Feeding the beast

Please excuse me if I seem a little frazzled today.   We have ventured into a territory in which I know absolutely nothing about, well until recently anyway. 

My son, my gorgeous, smiley little son, my perfect little eater with a voracious appetite is now a lanky string bean, who happens to be refusing string beans, and green beans, and beans, and chicken, and potatoes, and any vegetable and pretty much well, EVERYTHING!!!!


You want to know what he ate for lunch today?  He had chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, but, he ate NONE OF THAT!  He insisted on a biscuit and fruit punch.   BREAD! HE ATE NOTHING BUT BREAD FOR LUNCH! 

WTF!!!??? WTF???!!!  WTF????!!!!

Excuse me while I go cry. 

I do not understand this at all.  Apparently it's normal, but that doesn't make it any easier. 

However at least when he's handing me chewed up food that he doesn't want, he's polite about it. 

If you're struggling with a suddenly picky eater this site may be of use to you....

------------------------- >

Saturday, July 6, 2013

1st vs. 2nd


Any parent can tell you that there are distinct differences involved in the newborn/infant stage of childrearing.  

I'd like to shed some light on this topic. 

So without further ado,

First child versus Second child. 

  • 1 is your pride and joy, you take 50 shots of the same pose because "He's my baby!!!!". 

  • 1 always has a dry diaper because you want to make sure that has nothing to do with his crying.

  • 1 stays up for hours on end in the evening because you wake him up to change said diaper 5 more times.....

  • 1 is always spotless and clean because you keep wipes stashed everywhere....Literally.

  • 1 is usually dressed in the cutest clothes you can buy or have been given.

  • You buy a baby book and record every precious moment.

  • You think you'll never leave the house without spit up on your shirt ever again.

  • You go days without showering because you can't stand to hear him cry.

  • You lose weight pretty quickly because you never have time to eat.

  • Your house is stocked with hand sanitizer that you command everyone who enters to use before they so much as look at your baby.

  • You cut your hair short because it's so much easier to deal with after a new baby.

  • You vow to never wear a bikini again if you got stretch marks.

  • You always have sex with the lights off for fear of your spouse seeing said stretch marks, or your jiggle belly.
  • 2 is lucky if you have time to grab the camera to capture her first smile because 1 is doing something he shouldn't.

  • 2 gets changed every few pees because you now realize how expensive diapers really are.

  • When 2 falls asleep for the night there is no way you're going to wake her. Nothing short of an actual pooplosion is deemed a necessary changing.

  • 2 usually smells of milk and has something you dropped in her hair from lunch. Or something your toddler smeared in her hair from lunch.

  • 2 is usually dressed in her brothers hand me downs.

  • What baby book?  You write milestones on a calendar and then toss them in a drawer swearing to start a baby book. You can always just give her the whole calendar, someday.

  • When you leave the house with minimal spit up on your shirt, you feel as though you're dressed for the Oscars.

  • You put 1 and 2 in the shower with you and call it bonding time.  If no one falls and gets at least one limb soaped up you count it as a win.

  • You eat......   1's leftovers while baby wearing 2.

  • Hand Sanitizer?  Aint nobody got time for that! 

  • You keep your hair long because it's way easier to throw it in a pony tail and go.

  • Your brave enough to wear a two piece to the beach.  It consists of a one piece and a sarong.

  • You still have sex with the lights off, but not because you're insecure, it's out of fear. Children can sense when you're trying to accomplish 'The Sex" even when they've been asleep for hours.... TRUST ME.  Your best bet is to shut all the lights off and crawl underneath a bunch of blankets on the floor, in a corner.  If you're lucky they'll think your a pile of laundry and go back to bed.