Ducky Diaries: Patience is a virtue

Friday, June 28, 2013

Patience is a virtue

I am writing to you all from the belly of the beast, more affectionately known as my basement. 

Or the place where my washer and dryer sleep, along with numerous miscellaneous other odds and ends that are not allowed to see the light of day in our living quarters. 

Also, it is currently the only place of quiet........

The Jacksons are all fine and dandy, a little sleep deprived and nutty, but fine and dandy, nonetheless. 

And after two long years of waiting and working, we have an INDEPENDENT SITTER!!!  OMG!!!!!    The joy I feel is something that I cannot express adequately.  I am over the moon!  Zachary, the light of my life, my blue eyed boy, is finally, FINALLY, sitting.  Completely independently, and he is having a blast! 

My strawberry tart wants to jump out of my chest!  I now, get to PLAY with my son, face to face.  I have waited so long for this.  I no longer have to anticipate his every fall and tumble.  I can just enjoy him.  And enjoy him I have been.  

At 28 I do not suggest rolling around your living room floor like a banshee, especially, if you have inner ear problems.  But I did. I rolled and played, and laughed.  It was a blast!  The three hours of dizziness that followed were well worth it.  

Everyday is new and exciting to my sitter.  We have happened across an entirely untouched frontier.


Zomg!  This little boy tickles me pink!  I love this fella like none other. 

And in other news, 
 This is Boo... She likes to visit me when I cook and point awkwardly at nothing while wearing only one sock.
Zipping up your clothing is optional once you've had children.  Or at least forgetting to do so is okay.
 ZoZo is one month old!!!  And those cheeks are all mine!!!!!!!!!   p.s. who the heck does she think she is?  Growing up!? 
Neener Neener
nana nana
BOO BOO!!!!! 

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