Ducky Diaries: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Patience is a virtue

I am writing to you all from the belly of the beast, more affectionately known as my basement. 

Or the place where my washer and dryer sleep, along with numerous miscellaneous other odds and ends that are not allowed to see the light of day in our living quarters. 

Also, it is currently the only place of quiet........

The Jacksons are all fine and dandy, a little sleep deprived and nutty, but fine and dandy, nonetheless. 

And after two long years of waiting and working, we have an INDEPENDENT SITTER!!!  OMG!!!!!    The joy I feel is something that I cannot express adequately.  I am over the moon!  Zachary, the light of my life, my blue eyed boy, is finally, FINALLY, sitting.  Completely independently, and he is having a blast! 

My strawberry tart wants to jump out of my chest!  I now, get to PLAY with my son, face to face.  I have waited so long for this.  I no longer have to anticipate his every fall and tumble.  I can just enjoy him.  And enjoy him I have been.  

At 28 I do not suggest rolling around your living room floor like a banshee, especially, if you have inner ear problems.  But I did. I rolled and played, and laughed.  It was a blast!  The three hours of dizziness that followed were well worth it.  

Everyday is new and exciting to my sitter.  We have happened across an entirely untouched frontier.


Zomg!  This little boy tickles me pink!  I love this fella like none other. 

And in other news, 
 This is Boo... She likes to visit me when I cook and point awkwardly at nothing while wearing only one sock.
Zipping up your clothing is optional once you've had children.  Or at least forgetting to do so is okay.
 ZoZo is one month old!!!  And those cheeks are all mine!!!!!!!!!   p.s. who the heck does she think she is?  Growing up!? 
Neener Neener
nana nana
BOO BOO!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turning Two

Zachary had a birthday yesterday.....

He turned two.  I can't believe it. 

Apparently, he can't believe it either.

In all seriousness, I really can't believe it!  Has it really been two years?

  I swear I just brought him home in his tiny little newborn jumper. That was the longest 20 minute drive of my life.     I still remember his cries the whole way home and sitting in the back seat attempting to comfort this tiny little boy the hospital staff just allowed me to leave with. 

What were they thinking!? 

Could we handle this wild ride of parenthood? 

Did we really create this little precious person?

Is he really ours!??? 

-I have no idea
- and yes......  

It's been two years of the unexpected.  Zachary is our shining star and amazes us everyday.  
He brings a smile to every face that meets him.  Despite his complicated little body, he is happy and sunshiney joy. 

Happy Birthday to my precious mommas boy. 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shiz just got real

Hello, hello, hello there!!!!  

I am alive, we haz made it! 

Baby is here finally! 

I decided to take a couple of weeks off from the blog world since Mrs. Thang decided to extend her stay at hotel Uterus to 41 weeks and a day.   The last over due week nearly did me in and I rarely got off my left side thanks to some unpleasant blood pressure spikes.  160/100 anyone?  

Fun times. 

Zoey made her debut on 5/28/13 at 9:12 p.m. at 8 lbs 2 ounces and 19 and 3/4 inches thanks to an uneventful smooth sailing induction, leaving me with just one stitch..   JUST ONE STITCH! 

ZOMG!  INDUCTION!  yessum, induction.   I love you all, my fellow granola moms, but, if you're judging,  bite me. 

Compared to my sunny side up Zachary, in all his non medicated, no pain relief, 15 hours of painful natural labor, resulting in about 3 tears which required anywhere from 8-13 stitches EACH,  I'd do my induction over and over any day of the week.    

And as I look back at the differences of Zoey and Zacharys labor I ask myself, why the EFF was I so flipping anti epidural before?  Why was I all, "I am woman hear me roar!"  More like I am woman, getting my insides ripped apart hear me scream because ear plugs will not save you!!!!!

  Ahh, Ze sweet relief.   Epidural, I love you.   And my husband thanks you.   Before the epi it was an hour of  "I hate you!,  Take me  home, Okay no SERIOUSLY, carry me the EFF out of this hospital and take me home (True story)! I'm going to break your penis into a million pieces, shut up shut up shut up!!!  GIMMMMEEEEEEE THE DRUGS!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GIMMMMEEEEEE DRUGS!!!!!"   

Then the epi was administered and I was a numbed up, thankful, peaceful, farting (because you can't control it, much like in pregnancy) happy patient.

Afterwards, Tom and I played cards and watched 'Gator Boys' on Animal planet, and ate popsicles  and an hour later there was a head between my legs.   Easy peezy, pushed for 12 minutes and she was outie and my heart oooozed with love.   And my husband looked at me and told me I was glowing and he had NEVER seen me look sexier.  


Anyhoozers, we are alive.  
And attempting to adjust to life as a foursome.   So far, it's been pretty smooth sailing.  Outside of a few fits, Zbear doesn't seem to mind his new sister and she is oblivious to all his shrieks and toy flinging.  Probably because she's been jumped on for the last 10 months of her life.    

But here are some pictures! 

 I wear muh babies the way I wear muh jeans!  SNUG!!!!  LOL
 Fat baby, you make the rockin' world go round.... 
 Got milk?! 
 Daddy and Zoey.  Be still my pounding heart. 
 Big brother enjoying his pool.  :)  How is he going to be 2 on Monday!??!!??!?!  OMG!!! 
Most likely the last belly pic I will ever take.   41 weeks.    You did good Hotel Uterus.