Ducky Diaries: Baby, Baby

Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby, Baby

Get out. 


Alrighty, so I am 39.5 weeks at this point and just ever so patiently awaiting our newest little ones arrival.  Ever.SO.patiently.  (insert eye roll)

My feet are no longer feet. They resemble something equivalent to a snow shoe.  
Yea, that's my feets. 
I can no longer see anything below the top of my belly.  Even my stretched out belly button is a mystery to me.  Stairs now require a slow and steady, cling to the railing and walls approach so as not to topple to the bottom and become the next humpty dumpty.  
Sadly I do not make enough money to employ all the kings horses or all the kings men to put me back together again.  
I want to nest, badly, but I also want to sit, on my arse, and the latter is winning.  
At this point along with being physically done with the act of being a pregnant person, my anxiety is in full force.  My hormones are beyond crazy, literally.  If you went on a date with them, you'd never call again, unless you're into crazy.   
One second I'm all "OMG!!!  SHE'S COMING SOON!!!  WE'RE HAVING A BAYBAY!!!"
The next......
Yea, pretty much. 
And then there's this guy.....
I've grown quite attached to him in the last 2 years.   I'm getting a little, okay, a lot, upset about leaving him for the first time since he came ripping out of me.  I'm pretty sure he's still attached by one of the stitch strings hanging from my vagina  .... because I just had him ... I swear.....   At least it feels that way, and now we're having another.....   OMG!!!  OMG!!!! 
  He's never been away from the hubs and I for more than a few hours at a time.  WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!   I don't want to LEAVE muh baby! And all that other rational stuff.   
I even freak myself out wondering if I will stop my labor by freaking out over being away from him. 
Oh Lordy!  As pro natural birth as I am, I may just need the drugs this time.  
So, in case you all were wondering, that's about where I am at.  Mentally. Scary. 
Hopefully the next time I write, the wee babe will be here and I can be done freaking out and shiz. 
K.... byes. 

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