Ducky Diaries: She's Alive!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

She's Alive!!!!

And well... 

And fat.   

In honor of hitting the 36 week mark of this pregnancy I'd like to celebrate by dancing to Weird Al's "Fat"  video.    Go ahead, shimmy with me.   I pray you're as out of breath as I am halfway through. 

In other news, we're all moved into our new place.  Unharmed and unscathed.   It has stairs, lots of stairs... Upstairs, downstairs, basement stairs...  Yet my scale numbers steadily climb.   I'm officially a small elephant.
I thought, with all the stairs the numbers would go down, but I guess your body doesn't really lose weight when your pregnant.   Which I think is bullshit  perfectly healthy.   ;) 
We are now in the final countdown! 
And today we celebrated by having a mommy & son date on the couch, snuggled up with cheese curls, pigs in a blanket, apple juice and Toy Story 3, because I cannot be bothered to move, at all, anymore.   The mere thought of moving exhausts me.  
I really think pregnant women should be gifted a robotic version of themselves in the last trimester.
"Hey you, Robot Candace, do my chores and take care of my family whilst I sit here and eat popsicles!"  
And to sum things up nicely,  this guy.... 

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