Ducky Diaries: Lend me your ear......

Monday, April 29, 2013

Lend me your ear......

On second thought, don't. 

I will talk it off.   Especially if you are an adult.   This 'stay at home mom' gig will do that to ya.  

Honestly, it will.  There's only so much babble, pointing, and screeching a person can take.

And don't even get me started on my toddler!

 Sadly, due to isolation and non stop pajama wearing I have become the woman I was always annoyed by as a fast paced teen and or young childless drunk 20 something.....   

Let me introduce myself, 

I am "The grocery aisle gabber"!!!!     You know, the woman that can and will find a way to talk to ANYONE within a 5 foot radius of herself?   Yea...  That woman.   The casually life spewing, shelf searching, slow walking, humming, pregnant woman.   

"Oh, no it's my fault really, I totally tried to squeeze my belly by your cart, grazing/ knocking you over.....  Due in May, A few more weeks, A girl, unless she has a penis (you know because it doesn't get more awkward than that), "They just have the best quality of meats here!" " HAVE YOU SEEN THE OVEN ROASTS?" "Are you getting canned corn?  Well this brand is on sale two for $2.00, can't beat that!" " If you like pizza they have a great deal going on in isle 5!" " Oh and they have the BEST coffee, like energizer bunny coffee over in aisle 9!!!! "  OMG!  Have you seen this weeks "Us Weekly?"  "I can't believe she would wear that!!!"     "Oh no, no hurry, my son is at home with Daddy....... " 

"No really, please don't go!!!!!!!!!  I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed  adult conversation!!!!!!!!"  


It's okay, really, don't worry about me....   The conversations I have with my 22 month old, Scout, and Leap Pad are filled to the brim with  intellect.  Have you ever truly listened to the lyrics of "Wheels on the Bus"?    Nothing is more intellectually stimulating or truer than those lyrics.   I mean come on, "The baby goes Waah waaah wahhh" and then "The momma goes Shhh shhh shhh"....      Who comes up with this stuff!?   Einstein?  Pure genius I tell ya!  

Anyways, enough of that depressing crap.

This week was Zacharys IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) for those not familiar  with it, it's basically a big report on where he is on the learning curve.  Is he behind peers, ahead of them, or right on track.  For those that are a little more familiar, it's the 0-3 age groups equivalent on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  And much to my pleasant surprise he is doing quite well and making a lot of gains!   He has definitely made progress, which is just A-MAZE-A-BALLS!  At least to me and his daddy it is.  

He's still a bit of a ways behind in gross motor (he just started sitting/ rolling) but we make progress and continue on with our 'inch stones'.     He's a fighter, our happy little fighter. He truly amazes me, every day.   

So, before I start crying, because I am a big emotional puddle lately, how about some pictures!  

 I love these boys....     p.s. there's nothing sexier than a man lugging a diaper bag and small child. <3
 Mr. Zachary showing off on his parallel bars.   Standing like a big boy.  
 37 weeks!  And I smile because I never want to be that preggo that looks like she hates being pregnant...   Mostly I do, but, I figure at some point my kids will see various pictures of me pregnant.  I want them to at least think I enjoyed this magical time of growing humans that will later make non stop demands for 100% of my time. 

 It's hard to make a mess look good, which is what I am attempting here...  So appreciate this fine art. Yay Toddlers!  
And, my new hobby....  Skeeving people against breast feeding out.   I make boobie beanies.   :)    This is a doll modeling this particular beanie, but I think I'm getting pretty good at this!  

 Just look at that TASTY nipple.   

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