Ducky Diaries: Say What?!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Say What?!

I don't even know....  Seriously.  

I can't form or hold on to an intelligent thought for longer than 2.5 seconds...  I can't sleep through the night on my bed anymore....

It's been roughly two weeks since I've posted anything. 

My shoes no longer fit, along with most of my clothes...

I'm blaming the time change.  

Or pregnancy.

Anyways, since I haven't written in a while, I'm just going to mash a bunch of crap together and call it a blog post.   Plus, as I stated above, I can't hold on to any thoughts outside of baby for longer than a few seconds, so, I'm just going to run with it...    

Wednesday, we (Tom and I) had a genius idea....  It went a little something like this,   "Let's play hooky from everything like the responsible adults that we are and go out of town tomorrow!!!"...

So, we did and it was fantasmical!     We traveled roughly an hour away to the nearest big city, rented a very swanky room in a very swanky hotel with a very nice view, quite a ways up.  And we took the baby, well, the toddler, the baby had to come against her will since she is still all cozy, partying it up in my womb with her ass pressed against my belly button. 

It was great, we walked around the city, did a little shopping, a lot of eating, retired back to our hotel and went swimming in the heated pool, and I watched and drooled as Tom hung out in the hot tub... 

He only spent 5 minutes in there so I wouldn't get 'too jealous' but I was jealous. Oh so jealous.

Surprisingly Zachary did AMAZE-A-BALLS the whole trip!  He even took a 15 minute power nap and was right back up ready to go.   He really wowed me.  I was initially scared that taking him out of his element could turn out really bad, but, he loved it all, the sights, sounds, food..

It was definitely a much needed day off from every day life. 

 Why yes, I will take the whole Mint Chocolate cake!!!! 
The face he's making, that's his nice way of handling my fat ass sitting on his lap.  He's a champ. 
Houdini can and will remove his socks whenever he pleases even while confined in his walker.  I still haven't figured out how he does it.  But it was a good sign he felt comfortable in our hotel room...
 His smile made our trip oh so worth it..  Every long minute he was awake.... 
 And seriously, go ahead and die from the cuteness.  MINIATURE GUMMY BEARS!  That's a normal gummy bear and a Runts banana for size comparison. Go ahead, squeal with delight!  I already ate all of them so I can't share.  

 Selfie in muh bathroom mirror before we left.  Almost 31 weeks.  Are you KIDDING me!!!??? 

If I wasn't too tired to rotate the picture I took the same night at the hotel, I would, just to show you that I seriously think this child has dropped already...   I look HUGE not even 20 hours later.  Nah, I'll post it next week. 

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