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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kids are funny......



Okay so in all seriousness, this post is more for me than anyone else that happens to come across it.  

It has been one of those days folks.   You know, those days where your finger hovers dangerously close over hitting enter after typing in Ebay...   One of those days where you contemplate selling your most cherished item, as in, your child(ren).  

Yes, one of those days.   

It goes without saying I love my son.  With every fiber of my being, but my Lord has he been on a mission to destroy me today.   I wish I could say I was joking...  

So while taking a break from him and letting Daddy have all the fun, I sat down at the computer and came across some fun pictures of the little boy that came dangerously close to being sold on Ebay.  

And I was instantly reminded of why I could never sell him.     

P.s. Is it me or does my son make little old Italian man faces a lot?   Definitely my genetics.


 5 months old and only God knows what this face is. 

 9 months and already contemplating mommys destruction. 

 5 weeks and totally chilling in his steamy bath.   My little  Godfather. 

" Sweet potatoes... Eh, I can take em' or leave em'.     Capisce?!"  (Capeesh)

"No way Mom! You can't be serious!"  

 Christmas 2012....  Clearly he's a heartbreaker. 

Gearing up for his flash dancing audition.  

 Being way too cute for his own good!  

Attempting to bite off my boob????    Definitely his fathers son.  


Lance said...

oh good grief, uh door uh bull...

Candace said...

Thanks Lance. I to think he's adorable, but I have to admit I'm slightly biased. Ha!