Ducky Diaries: Smart men are worth more than Gold.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Smart men are worth more than Gold.

I don't normally post romantic, mushy, gushy, stuff and I don't plan on starting now.

 However, I do occasionally  talk about my husband on here, not often though, because this is mostly just my space to write about my kid and my womanly nonsense.     But something happened tonight that made me think "Grab your laptop woman!  This will probably NEVER happen again!!!!"....

Okay- while it's not that extreme, it is/was pretty awesome. 

I'd like to start off by saying that I happen to think my husband is the Bees knees, hands down, absolutely awesome.   I not only found my prince charming, but I found a smart one at that.   

I think a lot of the time, we as female creatures look for fairy tale men, and sadly, it usually doesn't work that way.   

The above picture will most likely only happen to you once, and that is when/if your guy decides to propose.  Love isn't always about romance, flowers, or crazy passion.   It is about finding someone who really does cherish you and even likes you 75% of the time.   And if you happen to like him 75% of the time, well, hey I'd venture to say you guys have got it going on!   

But anyways, back to my bragging.

My husband in my eyes is my SuperMan, he's a great father, my best friend,  and overall just a genuinely fun person to be with, but most importantly, he's SMART!    

While I am sitting here looking like this at 6 months pregnant with our #2 he asks me if while he's out running an errand can  he get me anything.  
Being pregnant I mutter something incoherently about Funyuns and a chocolate candy bar, while wrangling a whiny, tantrum throwing toddler who is yet an hour from his bed time. 
I honestly forget about the craving for salty chips and chocolatey goodness and go about the nights business of playing with, bathing, and providing a pre-bedtime snack for Tyrannosaurus Toddler.
As bed time is approaching closer by the minute and we get down to that 5 minute mark Tom comes walking in just in time for Zacharys bed time kisses/hugs and hands me this as well.
Along with my bag of Funyuns, my husband hands me a Hershey's bar with almonds that is bigger than my thighs!!!     Oh how I needed this!   It's pretty much my pregnant version of wine!!!!

So while managing to be my hero my husband was also able to tell me a few unspoken things;

1.)  I know you feel huge, but you're not, and to prove it I bought you a candy bar that's bigger than your legs.....

2.)  You said  "I want chocolate."   But I heard "Bring me the Taj Mahal of candy bars!".   

And this is why, I really do think smart men are worth more than gold, my friends.  

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