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Friday, January 25, 2013

See what I did there?

See what I did there???  

Go ahead, take a few moments to giggle amongst yourselves.   I did, for at least 30 minutes before I thought to take the picture.  

And for all concerned, it's BBQ sauce.    Zachary's occupational therapist suggested we try flavoring up his foods to decrease over stuffing, which sensory children can be so good at, since they can't seem to taste food or sense how much is in their mouths...   

All in all, it's worked pretty well.  I haven't had to save my sons life in about 2 months and up until that point it was a daily occurrence thanks to his over filling chipmunk cheeks and choking.   

And without the BBQ sauce I wouldn't have been able to capture this gem...  Which is definitely going to be used at every available opportunity when he's of age to feel embarrassment.    HA! 


I hope everyone else is having a spectacular, exciting week.   At least more exciting than mine.  The only highlight of my day was buying some new make-up products.  Much needed I assure you after almost scraping my eyelid off with an eyeliner pencil I've had since I was pregnant with Zachary.   I wish I was kidding but I'm not.

It was my only hope for the day after I tried to sharpen three other eyeliner pencils (all my favorite gel kind!)  that were only 3 inches long and apparently magically had NO eyeliner left in them...  

How I ask you do they get away with just not putting eyeliner in the last THREE inches of a pencil?!?  I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK!   Who out there has time to buy a new pencil before the three inch mark?!!! 

If it's you, shut up,  lucky....  I bet you're one of those people that has time to buy wonderfully tasty coffee in the mornings as well.  

I am not.  One. of those people.   

But I digress, so there I am standing in my bathroom mirror, bewildered.  How did this happen?  Who stole the pencil part out of my eyeliners?   Is this some magical eyeliner butterfly cocoon? Or Benjamin Button story?   They get so small and just disappear?  Leaving me alone, digging through my old battered, stained, make-up I never use bag but can't bear to throw out because I may need this hooker red lipstick some day.......  Looking for any eyeliner at all.     At last, I found one, a dark brown pencil still super long and almost untouched! 



So, I sharpened that bad boy and went to town...    Which resulted in me almost slicing my eyelids open as I drug it across the sensitive skin...   Who knew an eyeliner over 2 years old may not exactly result in smooth sailing in the applying make up department.   It was as hard as a rock and crumbly in the same way old crackly mud on the bottom of your boots is....    

I decided maybe I would just throw some mascara on and trudge out into the snow to re-stock my sad supply of war paint.   Off to Wal-Mart I went.   Because that's where all the classy gals buy their products from when they are on a budget, and not wanting to be seen by anyone of importance with judging eyes. 

Now that I have two new gel eyeliners well three if you consider the double sided pencil I bought, some new kabuki brushes, baby pink blusher (yes I say blusher, kiss my arse) and replacement self esteem hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...   

Oh and there's this.....
Zach-Attack talking to and loving on mommies belly/his sister. 

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