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Monday, January 21, 2013

It happens in Hollywood to.

I love this quote.  As a woman, a wife, and a mom, add mommy to a special needs boy.  I just love this quote so much because I really feel it sums up my life. 

Today I kind of want to get a little serious without like beating someone up.  LOL   This post has been on my mind a lot lately after some stupid comments, and genuine comments so here goes nothing....

It has recently occurred to me that many people do not understand 'special needs' and how much and how far it truly encompasses. 

I get frequently asked questions about my son.  And it hits me every time that the vast majority is still so very uneducated about this topic.

 Most think there is something wrong with my husband and I, or that I must have had a horrible pregnancy, must have known the whole time, or delivery complications. That I ate something bad or drank alcohol, or sniffed glue.  Or that our son came into this world with a huge stamp on his fore-head that said "I'm Zachary, I weigh 6.5 lbs am 18.5 inches, and I have special needs. 

Well, he didn't.   There isn't anything genetically wrong with my husband or myself, my son has no genetic disorder as of yet. I had an insanely happy pregnancy and an awesome birth.  And I did not cause my sons needs.

 The only thing that happened in my relatively boring pregnancy was that one time I had a fiasco where I choked and ended up swallowing a mouthful of mouthwash, promptly followed by a huge barf....  That must have been the incident that caused the special needs.  Right there. Yup.  Makes perfect sense. 


Sometimes, it just happens.   Sometimes there is a warning on ultrasound or blood work, or on an amniocentesis, but sometimes there isn't.  Sometimes it takes a long time before a childs special needs introduce themselves.   Sometimes, for a long time, you just think that your child is kind of quirky.    

It happens.  It happens to the poor, middle class, and the rich.   

I would like to introduce some Hollywood people with special needs children.   It's a pretty cool sight because while we're not all born with a silver spoon, some of us are born needing a little more than others and that's okay. 

So maybe try to have an open mind next time you see a disabled person out and about or a family with a special needs child.   Don't stare, don't judge, just know we love our children just as much as you do.   And while this list is no where near exhaustive, it is pretty cool.  

Colin Farrel- Son James born with Angelman syndrome -Angelman_syndrome info

Holly Robinson Peete- son Rodney dx Autism - autism info

Toni Braxton- son Diesel dx Autism

Jenny Mcarthy- son Evan dx Autism

Sylvester Stallone- son Seargeoh dx Autism

Christopher Gorham- son Lucas dx Asperger's Syndrome Asperger's Syndrome info

Brian Littrell- son Baylee dx Kawasaki Syndrome- Kawasaki info

John C. McGinley  (or Dr. Cox in Scrubs)-  son dx Down Syndrome -Down_syndrome info

John Travolta and Kelly Preston - son Jett dx Autism, Kawasaki Disease

Also to the man that made this remark....   You can eat poop in a dumpster.  

'Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.'" -  Read Article


                                                                   I love this boy!!!!

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