Ducky Diaries: Waaaaahhhhh!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


I have returned from Christmas land!   I have crawled my way through mega blocks and sponge bob drum kits, stepped on talking toy phones, and squished through play-doh to get to you! 

And mostly to come whine for a few minutes, if we're going to be completely honest.

It seems as though we have entered some sort of twilight zone and are smack dab in the middle of genuine separation anxiety.....    It seems Z-bear has decided to bypass the normal/standard anxiety age of roughly a year and save it for now.   

Combine that with the 18 month sleep regression,  bottom eye teeth, a mild cold, my ever growing belly and the inability to sleep through the night myself, we are having a GRAND ole'  time.

My loving, lovely toddler now will only sleep in increments of 3 hours at a time.   And that's only after I spend a half hour sitting in his room until he closes his eyes (I can't do C.I.O. it honestly breaks my heart to even try) and then wakes up roughly at 3 a.m. and needs to come into our bed.  Which up until this point was a no-no because he simply refused to sleep with us at all even on nights when mommy needed the cuddles.   So for my independent toddler who despises co-sleeping to want to willingly be in bed with us is baffling. 

My hair is fraying...   I want a drink or 7, but I can't.  I keep trying to explain to him that everything is okay, but everything isn't okay unless he is attached to mommy.  

Other than all that jolly nonsense above we had a wonderful Christmas and even got a belated Christmas gift on the 27th.    We had our big anatomy scan!   The verdict was hard to see, since wee baby's legs were tightly closed most of the appointment, but after a few jiggles of nothing falling out or dropping we are pretty confident we have a little miss in there!!!  Tom is way more excited than I am.  Not that I am not excited, because I am over the moon, but Tom is ecstatic to have one of each.

 I am just genuinely one of those annoying mothers that say "As long as they are healthy I don't care what they are!", and I actually mean it.  

All looks healthy and great.   Of course the tech had to say "unofficially"  looks great and my Dr. will give me the results, but everything looks great. 

So for now we'll call her 'Miss R' until delivery when we announce her given name but we are all excited and the family is over the moon.   20 weeks down and 20 more healthy weeks to go. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Years and I will see you all in

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