Ducky Diaries: Free Ham

Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Ham

Hello blogsters extraordinaire! 

Today I am doing something from my heart just for the Ho-Ho-HO-HOLIDAYS!!! 

I am going to give away a FREE ham!!!!!    Yes you read that right!!!  Free- HAM!!!  I'll show you a picture of this delectable give-away. 

Mmmmm, doesn't it just look so appetizing???!!!  He's all yours folks!  Free, just claim your prize, and I will indeed ship you this ham! 

Okay... Fine,
so it's not an actual ham, just my child who is a complete ham.    I thought I would at least try.  Can you blame me? 

Here's the deal, he pooped in the potty yesterday, takes 3 hour naps, and only wakes up at 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. so in my opinion, he's a steal! 

LoL  all jokes aside, I can't give him away, he's my little side kick.    And there's that whole umbilical cord thing... I don't think Tom ever cut it, and I can't seem to either. I'm pretty attached to the little fellow.   I shouldn't have tricked you. 

But in other news,  check this out!!! I wore a fancy new white shirt yesterday for all of 13 (fine I slept in it to so 20) hours, and managed to not get a single stain or mark or booger or poo smear on it!!!  I even cooked spaghetti for dinner and ate it to!   I am still in disbelief, but of course when I woke up this morning and did dishes I did splash greasy spaghetti water all over that top.   I should have taken it off last night and just not pushed my luck.   But I don't think.  That's part of my charm.   
And on to another topic, I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season and that you get to be with your loved ones.  I hope I don't upset or offend anyone but, I know a lot of people get super stressed around this time of year, for one reason or another.  I do wish everyone could have unlimited funds to buy for Christmas, but that just isn't what this time is about.  So as we navigate into another year, lets be thankful that we have family and friends.  Lets be thankful for our children. 
Especially while they are toddlers and a box filled with wrapping paper is way more awesome than the 70 dollar power wheel that was in the box. 
 However, during this time let's also be thankful for the men and women who can't be home.
Our armed forces and their families.
Lets challenge each other to go out of our way while we hustle and bustle, to think of others.
And give to those less fortunate than us. 
Okay sentimental momma out!
But isn't this picture too ADORABLE!


Jennifer said...

Best Christmas ham EVER! Love the Christmas photo!! :)

Candace said...

Thank you so much Jennifer!!! :)