Ducky Diaries: Don't fear the Rooster.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Don't fear the Rooster.

I have noticed recently, that there are extreme differences between the parent/ child sleep system.

Our cherubic innocent wee children wake up refreshed, happy, ready to tackle the whole day. Or at least (if you're among the select lucky few) the 4-5 hours until nap time.  

Parents, we wake up a bit differently.   Exhausted, agitated, in yesterdays make-up (fathers I won't judge).    Sometimes with a few strands of yesterdays spaghetti dinner in our hair, wearing our husbands "Hooters" t-shirt over our fanciest granny panties.  

And then we are assaulted by shrieks of giggles, siren wails of "MOMS", and orders for breakfast as though we are a short order cook.     

Yay!  It's morning time!!!  And this happens at roughly 7 a.m. every day. Give or take 10 minutes.  And it never seems to matter whether the children fall asleep at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. , come 7 a.m. the rooster will call, loudly, for you to get your ass out of bed and feed it! 

"Come on woman, I have got things to do, toys to turn on at full volume, play dates to set up!"

Never mind you had a late night at work, watched t.v. until 1 a.m. because you were cleaning until midnight.   Just accept your fate and brew a pot of coffee.  It never gets better, I've heard.  At least until you have a teenager and then you beg them to get out of bed.   Sleep is for the WEAK!!! 

How is this right?   That is a question I cannot truly answer, however I can speculate.   I am pretty sure all children are imprinted in the womb with instructions to turn on a parents "self destruct" mode. 

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