Ducky Diaries: Oh how I've missed thee.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh how I've missed thee.

Oh my BLOG!

I've missed you. My precious outlet from my own brain!

It's been awhile! I normally wouldn't take such an extended hiatus from writing, but, we've had some craziness here the last few weeks. 

I was planning on posting Friday, however, went to my Dr. appointment and they decided to try the Fetal heart Doppler on me at 12 weeks and some change..... And guess what, NO HEARTBEAT. So I was scheduled for an ultrasound for yesterday for viability. 

And all that is just depressing, who wants to write about that?  And basically all I've done the last four days is eat ya'll.  I couldn't sit still, sleep, think, so all the food in my house became my best friend.  Kiwi, Watermelon, Chicken flavored Ramen noodles (how I loathe/love thee), chips and salsa-SURE WHY NOT!, popcorn, omg, seriously you name it, I probably ate it over the weekend. 

I dare my Dr. to say I'm fat!!!  DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!

Anyhoozers, on to a happy note.  Baby is fine, looking great!  Heartbeat of 157 last night (oh did I mention my ultrasound was at 7:30 p.m.?  WHO THE EFF DOES THAT?) ,  wiggly, kicking, hiccupping, sucking of the thumb, massive cuteness that now looks like an actual baby!!!  OMG NOM ON THE BABY CHEEKS ME WANTS TO! 

And we are officially about to send out Zacharys big brother cards!  But these below are not those, just pictures of wee baby in my belly.   Soak up the cuteness!!!!

Oh- And... I'm learning to crochet!!!!  I am actually feeling quite proud of myself, so don't tell me the hats are ugly... They took days, seriously days to make!!! 

 And then, there's this little boy, the star of the show.  Big Brother Zachary himself...   I love this kid. And yes, apparently I am the kind of mother that's like "Yea, that's great, just sit for this picture with that crochet hook stuck in the hat and don't eat it or poke your eye out with it."   No shame in my game.   

But speaking of big brother, I must go make him wake up because we have one heck of a busy day today.   In just a few hours, my house will be filled with coordinators, therapists, and E.I. workers for Zacharys I.F.S.P.  and goal writing and all that jazz.   Fun times! 


Mommyto2preciouslittlegirls said...

Lmao...I missed your blog!! I didnt even notice the crochet hook still connected to the hat. Bahaha! Glad lil bean is growing and Z is doing awesome.

Candace said...

Thanks momma!!! I was truly itching to write, but, I really didn't want to write a doom and gloom post. LoL

lindsey said...

Hey, jumping over from the DD board. Had to comment on your crocheting--I am an avid crocheter! It's great therapy and there are so many awesome patterns out there. I love crocheting for my kids, and I also have a teeny tiny craft business and sell crocheted items (amongst other things) at a local shop :)

Glad everything is good with the baby and Happy Thanksgiving!

-lindsey (blukus on the board)

Candace said...

Thanks Lindsey!!!
You as well, I hope your holiday was awesome!!!

Crocheting is really a therapy. It gives me peace and quiet in my own head which is definitely needed.